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Sydneys Escorts Blog – Hot Bedroom Treats

Have you seen the majestic Sydney Opera House? Its distinctive sail-like design is just one of the numerous iconic landmarks that makes the city of Sydney famous around the world. Apart from its picturesque beaches, world-class restaurants and natural wonders, the place is teeming with impressive independent  Sydneys escorts who cater to the lustful desires more »

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Drug Use and Sexual Promiscuity

Sydneys Escorts Blog – Drug Use and Sexual Promiscuity   Study Suggests That People’s Attitude Towards Drug Use Is Linked To Their Views On Sexual Promiscuity   Is there are correlation or link between drug use and sexual promiscuity? Well there is, because according to a series of studies that were made over a couple of more »

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Sydney Escorts – Unexpectedly Fun Places to Go for an Erotic Ride

When it comes to places to have sex, there’s no rule that it should only be at home, or in a public restroom. Of course, the very thought of having sex in a possibly public place is enough of a thrill for some people. Others, like the vixens at Sydney Escorts, welcome just such a more »

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Nipple Orgasm: 4 Steps to Do It Properly

Whenever a woman’s nipples are stimulated, it activates a specific area of the brain known as the Genital Sensory Cortex. This is the same area triggered when a woman’s clitoris, vagina, and cervix are stimulated, as explained by Sydney Escorts. It is indeed a fact that almost all women love nipple orgasms, but only few more »

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