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Drug Use and Sexual Promiscuity

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Study Suggests That People’s Attitude Towards Drug Use Is Linked To Their Views On Sexual Promiscuity


Is there are correlation or link between drug use and sexual promiscuity? Well there is, because according to a series of studies that were made over a couple of decades by well-known evolutionary psychologists and health researchers,  a person’s attitude towards recreational drug use is usually linked to their attitudes towards sexual promiscuity. Lets dig deeper on what these studies have to say about the link between drug use and sexual promiscuity.


Recreational Drug Use Is Perceived As Fostering Sexual Promiscuity


Is there really a strong link between drug use and sexual promiscuity? Well, if you’ve never used drugs your whole life, yet you actively engage with hookup partners, or regularly date the lovely Sydneys Escorts, then the question of drug use should obviously be taken off the equation!


According to the views of a number of noted evolutionary psychologists, recreational drug use is generally perceived as fostering sexual promiscuity. Thus, those who often disapprove of promiscuity tend to disapprove of recreational drug use too, while those who have more liberal or permissive sexual attitudes tend to be more permissive towards drug use too.


How Researchers Reached This Conclusion


In a series of long-term studies, participants from different countries were asked by researchers about their attitudes to the morality and legal status of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and others, as well as their willingness to engage in casual and uncommitted sex.

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Across all the studies, the attitudes towards recreational drug use were mostly strongly related to sexual attitudes. The results also strongly suggested that sexual attitudes may be more relevant to a person’s views on drug use than their general political or social ideology.

But then again, even if you weren’t a sociologist or university professor, you’d agree that if you regularly use drugs, then perhaps your views on morality and sex would loosen too (because your brain’s slowly being fried by the drugs already!) But then again, who says you couldn’t enjoy sex without being stoned first? All you need to do is call the lovely and Sydneys Escorts!

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