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When it comes to places to have sex, there’s no rule that it should only be at home, or in a public restroom. Of course, the very thought of having sex in a possibly public place is enough of a thrill for some people. Others, like the vixens at Sydney Escorts, welcome just such a thrill.

These lovely escorts have a few ideas for not-so-public sex that will give you both an adrenaline rush and intensify your pleasure.

  1. On the rooftop. It’s even more of a rush if it’s normally off-limits, and the feeling of being on top of the world is hard to beat. There isn’t much chance of being discovered, unless you and your date are at a rooftop party, but it’s still fun to try and do.


A version of this involves a lifeguard chair at the beach at night, or on top of a boulder near a hiking trail. The limited space makes manoeuvring tricky, but it definitely adds to your excitement – and therefore, your pleasure.

  1. In the dressing room. The challenge is not being too loud so that other people trying on clothes on won’t notice you and your hot companion. The space is considerably bigger than that of the typical public restroom, so you’re all set in that respect. Standing sex is your friend here, since laying your girl on the floor is bound to attract attention.


  1. In a Ferris wheel car. You’ll definitely want to start things off once your car starts moving, but be discrete. Once you’re out of sight, and earshot, then you can go all out, or as much as your little bubble will let you.


Let her ride you, or take her from behind while she leans her arms on her seat. Anything goes, as far as position is concerned, but do try to finish before the ride comes to a stop. If you have to cut things short, you can always finish somewhere else.

A playground at night carries the same appeal. Use the swing set as an improvised sling, or use a variation of the waterfall while you’re on the see-saw. You can keep things simple, too, but just sitting at the end of the slide and having seated sex.

Indulge your adventurous side with highly experienced courtesan from Sydney Escorts; browse the gallery now!

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